"Acid Radiation" Solid Metal Dice by Dice Fanatics

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Flayed by nuclear radiation, these etched numbers belie the smooth polished surface that could only have come from the Before Years prior to the Grand Calamity. In a world wasted by carnage and balkanized tribes, the soothsayers among them would use these irradiated dice to judge the fates of the tribesmen, or punish them by forcing them to contain them in their fists until their hands burned in agony. These dice of chance are featured in the post apocalyptic setting for EMP Shockwave which goes on Kickstarter in May! Don't miss out, but these dice can be ordered today. Forged from solid zinc with green enamel numbering, these dice have a heft that require a padded rolling tray or dice tower in order to protect your table. Enjoy this collectible set of solid zinc metal dice that you can add to your collection.