Dwarven Crate #3 - Halloween Dice with Metals and Glow in the Dark

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This month's crate has a lot of unique fun built into it. First we start with solid metal dice with factory red lettering. These have quite a heft to them and will lend weight to every saving throw. They need a lot of support so we are including our exclusive handmade dice throne cast in solid type V diestone and hand-textured with static grass where you can place your favorite miniature or let your favorite d20 snuggle in there.

We also feature glow in the dark Bescon blue ice polyhedrals with the included UV light. Take a gander at them in a pitch black undermountain and see how they glow!

Finally a pair of Pumpkin d20 opaque dice to even out your collection and get you set for some halloween die rolls.

Have a great month and we are excited to ramp up our next month's dice set. We are experimenting with hand-cast acrylics and we have some even cooler metaphysical dice that we can't even talk about yet... but we are sure you'll love 'em!

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