Dwarven Crate #4 - October DIY Pour-a-Die d20 with Bone Dice and Dice Pod

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We are pleased to have shipped out Dwarven Crate #4 - my personal DIY favorite! In this crate we decided to prepare everyone for the future Quantum Die by inserting a fully functional d20 mold into every crate including mold making accessories so you can make your very own dice! This crate also features your own set of fuzzy dice, our exclusive dragon-eye zippered dice pod, a full set of HD polyhedrals, a five pack of handmade Arabian bone d6's, a twin set of Zocchi d12s, and everything you need to make a d20 - dental die-stone, two stirring sticks, a rubber glove (choose which hand you like most), a syringe injector, and your very own silicone d20 mold cast from our Dwarven Crate exclusively designed sharp-edge precision d20 metal dice. We think this will give you as great an experience as I had seeing my very first hand-made die come out of its shell. Don't know why, it just made me happy. All in all this month's crate was fun to craft and I hope you enjoyed it too!