Tiger Eye Semiprecious Gemstone Polyhedral Stone Dice

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With an unearthly glow, these dice emanate power and magic as if infused with the essence of the underworld. Revered by mystic shamans within the jungles of the ancient Taloc of Maya, these dice can be used to divine the futures and fates of the supplicants within the stepped pyramid temples nestled deep within the inaccessible jungle.

This set of handmade, hand-carved, Tiger Eye stone dice seem to glow with translucent, natural stone effects which fade from gold to black striations in an organic pattern. With hand-etched numbers, these dice are one of a kind and will add a sense of distinction and uniqueness to your dice collection.

Featured in the Taloc: Mayan Kickstarter coming soon, you can pre-order these dice for delivery in May 2018