The Folio #11 Digital PDF

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The Folio #11 is a compilation of artwork, dungeons, and settings by Art of the Genre.  This issue is called the Nameless Realms which contains part 1 of the Adventures from the Emerald Serpent Campaign, AT1 the Subtle Revenant, a monster called the Bender Surrogate, Gazetter NR7 - The City of Taux.

This is an adventure for levels 5-7 in both 1E and 5E Dungeons and Dragons OGL format.

"Taux, the City of Cursed Stone... If you've come seeking a fortune, a name, a bounty, or just hiding from the rest of the world, this is said to be the place.  Taux accepts all, and for some it can devour them just as the tens of thousands of innocent citizens of the Tolimic Empire a generation ago.  Now you sit in the famed Emerald Serpent, drinking with your fellows and hoping for some resolution to your current state of affairs, only Taux has other plans...  Become a part of the Tales of the Emerald Serpent in this adventure module designed for characters levels 5-7.

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