Algon and the Sky Girl Mystery Adventure with Props

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"I write to you, as from the grave, for I am not yet dead but nobody knows when the still sleep will climb, slowly, from within, to the mind that presages the end of the conscious. My father, ever the linguist, left me nothing in his passing, save this one memory... an incomplete translation of a cherished discovery. I leave it now to you to explore, should you dare, only I will not be there to help you, for I am far away and bereft. The sleep still talks to me and desires me for its own. Goodbye."

Descended from legendary occult investigators, famed linguist Evelyn Rice documents her research into the mystery of Algon and the Sky-Girl.  This legend of the Algonquin people in the early Americas left the mystery of a people that descended from the sky, leaving and returning multiple times.  There are clues left behind that you can use in your game and storytelling.  This package contains the player clue resources with elegant wax seal realism on realistic parchment that is designed to wow the gamers at your table.  Also included is the magical decryptor (UV Flashlight) that will reveal mystical writings on this storytelling prop.

Delve into a true mystery and enhance your game at the same time.