Dunes of Desolation - a Pathfinder adventure in a desert setting

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In a land where the sun relentlessly bakes its sandy surface, water is king. In the desert,  the life-sustaining fluid is more valuable than the most precious metals,  desirable gems and mightiest weapons. Most adventurers believe that the scarcity of water makes the desert an inhospitable place devoid of life,  riches and challenges. 

The incessant glare of a distant, roiling inferno, the intolerable heat of day,  the monotonous expanses of sand and the fierce winds are enough  to break the will of any man or beast,  but natives and experienced adventurers know that the dunes conceal many secrets and treasures. Scratch a few feet beneath the surface and the wondrous ruins of lost cities miraculously come to life. Some of these settlements succumbed to the natural forces of the desert, while vengeful deities, demons or spirits condemned others to an eternity beneath the dunes. 

Marvelous oases abounding with life and mystery also dot the forbidding landscape. Those fortunate enough to discover these refuges are delighted to find fresh water,  but danger often lurks amid the lush vegetation or beneath the surface of the water. Those intrepid souls hardy enough to brave the elements and explore the wonders of this harsh terrain are well-rewarded for their efforts