Tenkars Tavern Crate #4 - October - Cyclopean Deeps Volume II

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If you were a Tenkars Tavern Crate subscriber you would have received this crate for only $39.99

This month's crate includes the companion volume to Crate #3 - the Cyclopean Deeps volume II with an accompanying Judges Guild Journal collectible, an issue of the Knights of the Dinner Table by Kenzer and Company with Jolly Blackburn, a Crown Royal dice bag (Purple), a Dwarven Crate pendant necklace, a faux leather dragons eye keychain, and four basic dungeon tiles by Hex 20.  This crate wraps up our delve into Frog God and we will be featuring a new publisher to get you some more variety that you can expect in the Tenkar's Tavern Crate!