Mythoard Crate #31 - The Pirate Booty Crate

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Enjoy Crate #31 - the Pirate Booty Crate that contains a whopping $160+ value in one single box. Kudos to our vendor partner Frog God Games for helping us make this happen!
This crate contains:
• Razor Coast – Swords & Wizardry Edition
• Assorted Pirate Diamonds (large and small)
• Pirate Mini-Treasure Chest
• Velveteen Bag
• Pirate Medallion Keychain (of the Caribbean)
• Authentic Metallic Pirate Coins
• Assortment of Faux Gold and Silver Nuggets
• Razor Coast – Map Folio PDF Download
• Razor Coast – Swords & Wizardry PDF