AdventureHex 7" Fieldstone Floor Hexagonal Silicone Mold

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Begin the adventure with this hexagonal base mold upon which you can build any type of terrain you want.  The textured fieldstone texture gives a nice paintable surface for your terrain piece which is great for towns, cities, dungeons, temples and roads.  Also serves as a nice starting base for large dragons and oversized megamonsters and Kaiju.

With a subtle 1" hexagonal pattern your grid-based DMs will enjoy the measurement ease but the pattern is variable enough to function gridless as well.

Why take the time to reassemble hundreds of tiles when 4-8 AdventureHexes can build out your entire table?

Using this mold you can start any modular terrain project with ease.  Collect all of the base types for even more variety for your AdventureHex projects.

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