Pour-a-Dungeon Cracked Stone Tiles - 1 Set

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You need space... floor space!  This Pour-a-Dungeon kit gives you a double pour (that's right - 2 copies) of the pictured floor tiles.  This gives you two 3" x 3" tiles, two 2" x 2" tiles, two 1" x 3" tiles, two 1" x 2" tiles, and two 1/2" x 2" tiles.  That's almost 40 square inches of tiles for a great price!  These floor tiles can be cast in solid die-stone in a grey color that are usable without painting with a realistic dungeon stone texture, or they can be base coated and dry brushed for a true realistic effect.  You also have the option of purchasing resin versions that can be similarly painted for an additional price.  The resin versions are more durable to drops and breaks and will last a long time.  These Hirst licensed pieces will dress up your dungeon and are compatible with Dwarves Forge, Open Lock, Dragon Lock, and many other terrain options to truly dress up your gaming table.  Use them for miniatures, tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, DCC, Savage Worlds, Troll Lord Games, and any Mythoard product.