Pour-a-Dungeon Solid Die-Stone Casting

Currently Unavailable - See our other mold casts so you can choose your own pieces!

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Pour-a-Dungeon is here!  You get a full pour of our speed mold with all the pieces you see listed here (mold not for sale).  This mold is our rough stone dungeon style with cobblestone floors.  We have other styles coming soon.  Just add this item to the cart and you will get the following tiles: 

  • 3 wall dead end tile
  • 4 post mid-room column tile
  • 1 post corner tile
  • 1 wall side tile
  • blank floor tile
  • 1 wall two post side tile or t-intersection tile
  • 2 wall wide passage (2" = 20' game scale)
  • Passageway corner tile
  • Narrow to Wide passageway conversion tile
  • Octagon corner tile with post
  • Diagonal corner tile
  • Narrow passage (1" = 10' game scale) t-intersection tile
  • Octagon "45" half-tile - right side
  • Octagon "45" half-tile - left side
  • Narrow passageway
  • Circular Corner with post
  • Circular Corner "45" with post
  • Small stone trough or alcove
  • Medium stone trough or alcove
  • Long stone trough or alcove
  • Cut stone window
  • 2" stairway
  • Raised curved dais
  • Rounded half-column with capitals and footers
  • Squared half-column with capitals and footers
  • Stone pile statue head half-column
  • 3x3 cut stone flooring
  • 2x3 cut stone flooring
  • 2x2 cut stone flooring
  • "45" octagonal wedge stone flooring
  • 3x3 cavern flooring
  • 2x2 cavern flooring
  • 180 degree double circular flooring (2" = 20' game scale)
  • 180 degree single circular flooring (1" = 10' game scale)
  • Stone fire circle with campfire
  • Large hexagonal dais
  • Small hexagonal dais

These are cast in dental plaster / diestone or resin (material may vary but they are tough!) but can chip or break if dropped so use them carefully.  They glue right back together using Titebond III wood glue (for plaster) or super glue (for resin) and are ready for painting, gluing, or modding.

We also offer a painting service that includes basecoat, dry-brushing with two layers, and a dye wash for true realism.  You can choose slate gray, brown-gray, or mottled stone-by-stone painting service for a true look of quarried realism.  You can also choose the foam basing option where we will custom cut foam bases and glue them onto each piece (except the columns and alcoves - it would get in the way)

Get started today with out first production run and support or continuing efforts to get you the best 3D terrain in the business.  

Are you a publisher?  We want to partner with you!  We will create a custom terrain kit that matches your book's maps or terrain needs.  Contact us today at [email protected]

This is an officially licensed Hirst Arts item.